Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our characters share their highs and lows in life

Everyone experiences high and low phases in life and our characters share some of theirs.

Life is full of ups and downs, positive as well as negative things. We need to be strong during low phases and believe that happy times will soon return. Our characters also go through many phases and they share some of them with us.

Nisha says, “A low phase in my life was when I was younger and had an incident of eve-teasing and bullying. That incident affected my life and I have gone through a lot because of it. But now the positive is coming into my life as I have taken a step towards coping with that incident. My new job and now the rifle training program has given me a new high and confidence in life.”

Ishita shares, “For me the lowest time in my life was when I got to know that I would not be able to have children and my fiancé left me. But then I realised that I need to be strong and that it is not the end of world. Finally my patience paid off and God brought Ruhi into my life, she is my biggest high in life.”

Shlok adds, “My low point in life was when I did not believe Astha and was staying away from her. It took a toll on me and left me angry and sad. But then this phase passed and finally Astha and I are back together and now we are happy.”

Our characters feel that we all go through low phases but we must be strong during these times and eventually highs will return.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015