Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Raffe, a genius mind in solving crimes in ‘Private Investigator

Raffe is no ordinary college going guy. He is super smart, talented and has the most brilliant mind. He is a mastermind at solving any kind of crime and is a super sleuth. Even the best officers and top detectives come to him for help. Raffe can find clues where no one can, his mind can detect and put together every detail of a crime.

Raffe goes into a detailed analysis. He analyses the crime scene, detects the mind and workings of a criminal. He spots clues that no one else can detect. The boy puts these all together and unravels the crime that has been committed.

Uninvited, unprepared and unidentified, Raffe delves into the crime committed, he explores all the possibilities in his brilliant mind. He reaches into the depths of the motive and goals of the criminal. Raffe is the best private investigator.

This 21 year old goes to college and classes but he is gifted with a unique ability. Watch Raffe dissect the plans and modus operandi of every crime that is committed. Watch him get to the root cause of all the crimes.

Watch Raffe in ‘Private Investigator’, tonight at 8 pm onwards on STAR Plus.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014