Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reasons that make our sweet Veera a go-getter

Veera is a hard working and determined girl who believes there is a solution to all problems.

Veera believes that we all need to work hard and be determined to achieve our dreams and goals in life. Many times, she too has put in dedication and made the impossible into possible. Veera is a go- getter and these qualities make her strong.

Veera gives 100 percent to any of the tasks that she takes up. Whether it is studying in another state away from her family or even working on the poly-house, she makes sure to give her best.

She does not give up even though the journey is difficult or may seem long. Even when her family had given up on fulfilling her father’s wish of opening a rishi vidyalay, she did not.

Veera faces setbacks with courage and determination. Even when going through difficult times or facing failure, she refuses to give up.

Her positive attitude and enthusiasm, make her curious and she is keen to learn more in life.

She is a modern girl who believes that we should encourage progress and our personal growth. She encouraged Beeji to stand for the panchayat elections.

She does not believe in blindly following tradition but believes that we should think about being happy and that is the reason she has urged her Beeji to get married again.

Veera derives her strength from her loved ones, her brother Ranvijay and her family who have always stood by her. She too believes in always being there for them.

Veera is a strong, smart, intelligent and level-headed girl, who knows how to make her dreams come true.

Thursday, February 12, 2015