Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Who is the culprit of Mohit's murder?


The Rathi family has been through a tragic time in the recent past with the death of Sooraj's younger brother, Mohit. Sandhya had the misfortune of discovering his body from a well in the fields. However, the mystery remains, who is the actual culprit of Mohit's murder?
Several clues during the investigation pointed out that the murderer is from the Rathi family itself. This put Sandhya in a fix as she had to once again choose between her family and duty towards her country. Sandhya chooses the right path and pursues the case as per the clues, even if it means putting somebody from her own family behind bars. 
The investigation saw another twist as Emily, Mohit's wife and Lokesh, Lalimaa's brother have both come forward confessing that they are the culprit. But, the biggest shock for Sandhya was when her beloved husband, Sooraj confessed to being the murderer. But, is Sooraj doing this to cover up the tracks of somebody who is dear to him? 
Multiple confessors to one crime has put Sandhya in a fix. Will she able to identify who the real culprit is of Mohit's murder or will she lose the love of her life, Sooraj? 
Keep watching Diya Aur Baati Hum to find out! 







Tuesday, December 15, 2015