Thursday, February 12, 2015

Will Surekha accept Panchi as her daughter-in-law?

Marriages are made in heaven and Titu - Panchi's wedding proves that yet again. Even after running away from his wedding, Titu finally returns to the venue and gets married to Panchi.

While Panchi is head over heels in love with Titu, he is least interested in this wedding. ​W​hen Titu's father finds out about Panchi's feelings for his son, he discovers that she is the perfect match for his son. Govindnarayan believes that Panchi is the only one who will provide direction to Titu's directionless life.

Titu's father trie​d​ everything possible to bring them together​ while ​Titu and his mother, unanimously ​kept ​work​ing​ on​ a​ plan to ​stop the wedding​. ​A​ series of hilarious and failed attempts of running away from his own wedding​ follow,​ ​but Titu​​ realises that this will affect his father's reputation and returns to the wedding.​
​Al​​t​hough Tit​u​ accep​ts​ Panchi as his wife, his mother Surekha still can't come in terms with the fact that Panchi is her daughter - in - law. Will she accept Panchi or will she create conflicts between ​the couple​?

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Thursday, February 12, 2015